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July is Pet Desexing Month - Save 20%

As part of our ongoing support for the Warwick Community and the Southern Downs Regional Council, the Warwick and Allora Veterinary Clinic’s are offering a 20% discount on the price of  desexing of cats and dogs during the month of July. That’s a significant saving off the cost of de sexing a male or female pet.
‘The response to the July desexing last year was very encouraging says’ Warwick Vet, Dr Chris Reardon. ‘Owners made a conscientious decision to prevent the increasing number of unwanted pets in the community and took advantage of this desexing promotion’ he added.
Other benefits of having a neuted pet include:

  • reduces the chance of roaming of dogs,

  • less fighting by cats,  

  • ​​helps eliminate the chance of cats spraying around the household. 

‘We know that July is a perfect time to have your pet de-sexed ahead of the summer breeding season', Dr Reardon added.​

Bookings are essential so call the clinic today on Warwick 4661 1105 or Allora 4666 3127.