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Unfortunately no horse is worm free. Even if you pick up your horse droppings from the field, some will still make it into your pasture and a grazing horse may ingest worm eggs and larvae as a result. The only way to manage worms is to have an effective worming regime.

The good news is that it is easy to plan a whole year’s worth of worming. Wormer's come in either paste or in a syringe. Alternatively we can stomach tube your horse to ensure that the medicine is not dropped out of the mouth with a boulas of grass.  The dose of the syringe is measured out for you, they are easy to read and are calculated on your horses weight. Powder forms need to be mixed into their feed.

Whatever type of wormer you choose it is vital to remember to worm for the correct time of year and always keep a written record and get a regular checkup with your vet.