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Dog breeding can be a very joyful experience. It is very important to remember that dog breeding involves a lot of dedication, patience and responsibility coupled with a great deal of knowledge about dog reproduction and the dog reproduction cycle. You also need to bear in mind that dog breeding is an expensive task.

If you are a dog breeding beginner these are some points that you will need to bear in mind.

1. Is your dog of breeding quality.

Even if your dog is a wonderful pet it may have some defect either in its structure, temperament or health that should not be passed on. Dog breeding should only be done with the intention of creating pups better than their parents in all aspects.

2. Your female dog should be at least 2 years old.

Physical ability to bear pups is not enough to breed your dog. Your dog needs to be completely mature, both physically and mentally. Your vet has a better chance of recognizing any serious behavioural or medical problems in your dog at that age.

3. Get a thorough examination of both dogs BEFORE you start.

Before dog breeding, get your dog and its intended mate thoroughly examined by a vet for venereal diseases, hip and eye problems. All vaccinations should be brought up-to-date and your dog should also be de-wormed if necessary. Health checks, vaccinations, extra facilities that need to be provided, fees for getting a mate, advertising etc are very costly. Add to this an emergency like an unexpected caesarean or intensive care for a pup and the costs will spiral.

4. Think about the consequences

Most shelters are filled with abandoned dogs. A good dog breeder is very careful about the homes the pups will end up in.