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Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of ‘Parvovirus’ cases being treated by the Allora & Warwick Veterinary Clinics.

This time of year it is normal to see parvovirus in our dog population, however we have been seeing a lot more cases than usual and they have been quite severe. Tests performed by the University of Queensland have shown that there is a new emerging strain involved called the CPV-2b strain in the area. Please check with your vet if your dog has been vaccinated against this strain of a parvovirus.

We are recommending to all our clients check that their pets boosters are up to date and even to consider getting a booster done again sooner that the anniversary date to ensure your pet is protected against this newer strain of virus over summer. Younger animals are at a greater risk than older ones but we still advise people to get their older animals vaccinated.

There are other control methods we recommend; avoid contact with other dogs as they may be shedding the virus, do not take young pups out walking around the streets until they are fully vaccinated with a completed full course and to disinfect the kennel area and food bowels regularly with strong disinfectants such as Virkon®.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Warwick on 4661 1105 or  Allora clinic on 4666 3127.