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Yearly cattle reminder calendar


  • Vaccinate calves with 1st shot of 5 in 1
  • Preg Test maiden heifers (12 to 16 weeks after start of joining). Make final heifer selection on preg test results. Give the replacement heifers their first shot of Lepto vaccine.
  • Remove bulls (if applicable)
  • Treat cattle for Pinkeye if necessary
  • Monitor cattle if placed on cyanogenic pastures e.g. Sorghum spp., native couch, Johnson Grass for cyanide poisoning


  • Heifer program for heifers as for January if not already done
  • Brand calves and second shot of 5 in 1 if not already done. With some calves it may not be practical to vaccinate them until branding time. In this case they would now receive their first shot.
  • Continue preg test if applicable


  • Preg Test cows to identify those just in calf and the empties
  • Decide on how how many to cull depending on the season conditions and the cost of supplementary feed during the winter and the number of replacement heifers
  • Second shot of lepto for the replacement heifers


  • Same as for march if not already done
  • If season is dry and the cows are losing condition consider:-
    • early weaning of cows
    • supplementing the weaners with a protein and energy replacer supplement
    • sell cull cows and any surplus stock


  • Wean calves and vaccinate with second 5 in 1 shot, worm and put into clean paddock if available
  • sell weaners or fatten
  • buy in steers if crop available or season is good
  • vaccinate all remaining breeders with annual Lepto booster
  • give breeders and older cattle a 5 in 1 booster if plenty of lush feed around and if uncertain about the vaccination history
  • Bull Soundness examination and vaccinate the bulls against Vibrio


  • If season has been good and the cows are over fat, leave weaning until June. Weaner will be heavier and in better condition
  • Monitor cattle for nitrate poisoning if on barley or oats  pastures


  • Heifers will start to calve
  • monitor any vermin/pest control programmes


  • Heifers continue to calve. Remainder of the breeding herd will commence to calve
  • Bull Soundness examination and vaccinate the bulls against Vibrio
  • Supplement bulls with grain if condition score is 3
  • Three day sickness can be considered for the bulls
  • Monitor heavy pregnant cows for milk fever prior to calving
  • Test Bulls


  • Calving should finish this month to avoid the trouble with flys and the heat with scouring around Oct/Nov
  • First shot Vibrio for the maiden heifers if in a high risk area. If not in a high risk area then vaccination of the bulls will do
  • Test bulls and attend bull sale
  • supplement cows with protein source e.g. sorghum, barley, cottonseed if the season is dry


  • Second shot of Vibrio for the maiden bulls
  • Vaccinate for 3 day sickness any valuable animals especially the bulls and the fat cows and the forward heifers


  • Join breeders with the bulls
  • If in a low phosphorous area, put out addition phosphorous supplement for the cows if the season has been bad
  • monitor internal parasites from the stock by having faecal samples checked from suspect animal. Drench/worm if the parasites are a problem


  • Vaccinate 5 in 1 for calves if they are in the yard
  • continue with protein supplement if the season is dry
  • temporary weaning to improve conception rate